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From:Gary Smith Date:December 28 2009 5:14pm
Subject:Re: Database fundamentals: wanna learn.
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Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
> Hey, all.  I've been using databases clear back to xBase days; that being
> said, I've never had a solid foundation for relational databases.  While I
> can muddle by in SQL, I really don't have a good understanding of exactly
> how keys are set up, the underpinnings of indexing, and, oh, lots of
> ground-level stuff.  Call me a "user", and you'd be right -- an
> administrator of databases?  Not so much.
> So, any suggestions -- books, courses, web sites, what-have-you -- that I
> should be hitting up so I can have a better grasp of what's going on
> behind the scenes?
I recently attended Sun's MySQL DBA course 
( which I can 
heartily recommend. The course covers the kind of things you're after, 
including indexing, how the engines work (ie pros and cons), backups, etc.


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