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From:Claudio Nanni Date:December 28 2009 3:33pm
Subject:Re: Database fundamentals: wanna learn.
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Hi Ken,
thanks for sharing!

If you want to start from scratch, I would go for a book like this:
I did not 'read' it thru, but this is the one I would buy.

If you want to embrace MySQL, in my opinion, the best book you can get is
MySQL 4th edition by Paul DuBois.
It's complete, even more, very readable, and it can be with you for a long

But if you need to grasp better the basic concepts go for a generik SQL
book(like the top one), then go with MySQL specific if you want, or others.



2009/12/28 Ken D'Ambrosio <ken@stripped>

> Hey, all.  I've been using databases clear back to xBase days; that being
> said, I've never had a solid foundation for relational databases.  While I
> can muddle by in SQL, I really don't have a good understanding of exactly
> how keys are set up, the underpinnings of indexing, and, oh, lots of
> ground-level stuff.  Call me a "user", and you'd be right -- an
> administrator of databases?  Not so much.
> So, any suggestions -- books, courses, web sites, what-have-you -- that I
> should be hitting up so I can have a better grasp of what's going on
> behind the scenes?
> Thanks!
> -Ken
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