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From:Miguel Angel Nieto Date:December 22 2009 12:44pm
Subject:Re: mysql load balancing
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El día 22 de diciembre de 2009 10:14, Jaime Crespo Rincón
<jcrespo@stripped> escribió:
> 2009/12/21 Miguel Angel Nieto <correo@stripped>:
>> Hi,
>> I am searching fot a Mysql Load Balacing tool. I read about mysql
>> proxy, sqlrelay, haproxy...
>> What do you prefer?
> Hi,
> The solutions I have heard most from our customers (in production) are
> not mysql-specific:
> 1) Simple, not load-aware *DNS balancing* for simple applications
> without fault-tolerance:
> 2) More complex and customizable *Linux Virtual Server*, with
> integrated heartbeat and "session aware":
> It depends a lot on how you plan to coordinate the db servers
> (sharding, replication, ndb), the kind of applications you are going
> to deploy and how much scability you need.

Thank you. I have read about LVS and keepalived but I can't see the
difference between them. Are they the same thing? I want the load
balancing for my replicated servers. I suppose that LVS can't
distinguish between inserts and selects (to send queries to the master
o slave server).

See you.

Lo que haría sería hacerme pasar por sordomudo y así no
tendría que
hablar. Si querían decirme algo, tendrían que escribirlo en un
papelito y enseñármelo. Al final se hartarían y ya no tendría
hablar el resto de mi vida.
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