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From:Shawn McKinley Date:December 18 2009 7:07pm
Subject:RE: Fwd: Re: Help Save MySQL
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Wow, so you are saying that MySQL is comparable to access eh?  Have you looked at MySQL at
all (I sure would hope so if you work for sun and are on a MySQL list)?  Or maybe
Wikipedia, Amazon, Cox Communications, craigslist, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Orbitz,
Twitter, Yahoo!, YouTube, etc., etc.  have all been bamboozled into thinking this little
trashy database works.

I agree that to get the support that MySQL now (or did) enjoys will be a difficult if not
impossible task.  But to try to degrade the software and the technological advances it has
is truly naïve.

I am sure that MS is shaking with fear for Access.

Coming from Sun (I assume your email is for real), it would seem a bit dubious that you
would cast MySQL in such a bad light since Sun paid how much to acquire MySQL?  $1 billion
in total consideration?  Could we, the public, not see this as someone trying to make a
deal that they make money on more palatable?

Thank you,

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You guys are incredibly naive, Oracle has promised to support MySQL for 
the next 5 years. Who better to have stewardship of a database product 
then the leading database supplier.  I think you guys have visions of 
grandeur to think you could spend this kind of effort or resources to 
build a better MySQL then Oracle. As for competing for market share 
against the Oracle product.. you guys have obviously never used the 
Oracle database it puts MySQL to shame in so many different ways and so 
many different levels. Keeping MySQL around serves many purposes for 
Oracle very nicely.. one of my favorites is the screws to IBM's DB2 and 
Microsoft's Access... couple of real winners there I tell ya.  Putting 
MySQL in the hands of half cocked want-a-be's would surely be the death 
blow to MySQL faster then Oracle would ever hope too.. should they 
decide to.  So at least for the next 5 years sit back and enjoy the ride!

Thanks Doug

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