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From:Peter Brawley Date:December 18 2009 5:12pm
Subject:Re: Fwd: Re: Help Save MySQL
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Twenty bucks a year to hold the domain name. I'll do it if a couple of 
folks volunteer to help set up the page.



Bruno B. B. Magalhães wrote:
> Lets register the domain, build a champain,
> and ask all our partners, clients and friends to support to it?
> And let's make some noise... Let's engage the society and big
> companies like Google, Facebook, twitter, 37Signals, Amazon, Percona,
> etc. And starting talking to the media like,
> BusinessWeek, ZD.Net, etc.
> Without society's engagement we won't acomplish anything!
> Regards,
> Bruno B. B. Magalhães
> Sócio-Diretor de Negócios e Tecnologia
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> Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22281-035, Brasil
> +55 (21) 9996-1093
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> Quoting mos <mos99@stripped>:
>> Instead of forming a group hug and singing kumbuya to save MySQL,  why
>> don't we take some action to prevent Oracle from keeping
>> (destroying/crippling) MySQL?
>> Who are the regulatory bodies that will decide whether Oracle can keep
>> MySQL? Both in Europe and North America? Asia?
>> What are their email addresses?  They may not realize how destructive
>> Oracle can be to the future of MySQL and the number of MySQL database
>> installations this will affect.
>> I think we should start a writing campaign  to the regulatory bodies to
>> force (or encourage) them to have Oracle to sell or spin off MySQL to
>> another party. What we need is ACTION.
>> So if someone could provide us with the names of these regulatory
>> parties and their email addresses, we can try to light a fire under
>> them to put pressure on Oracle. A web page to SaveMySQL would also help
>> get our message across.
>> What do you think guys? Can someone provide us with the names and email
>> addresses of the regulatory bodies, or would you rather I post the
>> lyrics to kumbuya?
>> Mike
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