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From:Bruno B. B. Magalhães Date:December 18 2009 4:56pm
Subject:Fwd: Re: Help Save MySQL
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Lets register the domain, build a champain,
and ask all our partners, clients and friends to support to it?

And let's make some noise... Let's engage the society and big
companies like Google, Facebook, twitter, 37Signals, Amazon, Percona,
etc. And starting talking to the media like,
BusinessWeek, ZD.Net, etc.

Without society's engagement we won't acomplish anything!

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Quoting mos <mos99@stripped>:

> Instead of forming a group hug and singing kumbuya to save MySQL,  why
> don't we take some action to prevent Oracle from keeping
> (destroying/crippling) MySQL?
> Who are the regulatory bodies that will decide whether Oracle can keep
> MySQL? Both in Europe and North America? Asia?
> What are their email addresses?  They may not realize how destructive
> Oracle can be to the future of MySQL and the number of MySQL database
> installations this will affect.
> I think we should start a writing campaign  to the regulatory bodies to
> force (or encourage) them to have Oracle to sell or spin off MySQL to
> another party. What we need is ACTION.
> So if someone could provide us with the names of these regulatory
> parties and their email addresses, we can try to light a fire under
> them to put pressure on Oracle. A web page to SaveMySQL would also help
> get our message across.
> What do you think guys? Can someone provide us with the names and email
> addresses of the regulatory bodies, or would you rather I post the
> lyrics to kumbuya?
> Mike
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