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From:John Daisley  Date:December 17 2009 6:58pm
Subject:RE: Help Save MySQL
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I wasn't exactly joking when i suggested users put up an offer but the complexity of doing
so is huge.

I don't know what value Sun or Oracle would put on MySQL as it stands and there are lots
of issues not least those existing MySQL customers with contracts which need to be
honoured by any new owner. 

Legal issues aside i would be up for the 'journey' but we'd need a lot of us or some deep
pockets or some backing maybe from one of the big corporate users (Google maybe?). 

I don't think we'll see Oracle disposing of MySQL a bargain basement price unless a
regulator demands it (unlikely).



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From: Bruno B. B. Magalhaes <brunomagalhaes@stripped>
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Subject: Re: Help Save MySQL

Hi Guys,

 Let's say that every mysql developer (here I am thinking only persons, not companies)
that wants mysql to go forward would contribute from $500,00 to $1500,00, how much are we
talking about? And we would have a 100% community owned and community driven open source

 Course, there are many others management problems and legal issues to solve, but if
anybody would join me I would be the first one! And also would be a REMARKABLE adventure
and maybe the next step for the open source initiatives around the world...

 Best Regards
 Bruno B. B. Magalhães

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 On Dec 17, 2009, at 2:16 PM, Neil Aggarwal wrote:

 >> If that's what the price is going to be then perhaps I should
 >> offer 2€ or maybe MySQL users should get together submit a
 >> realistic offer.
 > This sounds interesting...  Get a community effort to accept
 > donations and purchase MySQL.  Then, put it under the GPL
 > and make sure nobody owns it.
 >        Neil
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