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From:Martijn Tonies Date:December 17 2009 5:22pm
Subject:Re: Help Save MySQL
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>Maybe a three-years consul composed from and elected by the community (by 
>community I mean the people >that contributed with funds, not the user 
>community) by voting?

I have been quite closely involved in doing this for the Firebird
project, you would be amazed as to how hard it is to get things
going, even for a large community like Firebird.

Having seen this from up close and personal, I have a lot of
respect for the people that actually get things done...

>> Let's say that every mysql developer (here I am thinking only persons, 
>> not companies) that wants mysql to go >forward would contribute from 
>> $500,00 to $1500,00, how much are we talking about? And we would have a 
>>  >100% community owned and community driven open source initiative...
>> Course, there are many others management problems and legal issues to 
>> solve, but if anybody would join me I >would be the first one! And also 
>> would be a REMARKABLE adventure and maybe the next step for the open 
>>  >source initiatives around the world...
> Brilliant... now, whose gonna run the project? ;-)

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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