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From:Christian Mack Date:April 21 1999 7:33pm
Subject:Re: mysql & jdbc questions
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Hi Robert

"Robert H. Thompson" wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am new to MySQL and have several questions. I have Red Hat Linux 5.2
> kernel 2.0.36 running at home. My questions are as follows:
> 1) Is there a way to generate a database schema using text files?

Yes. Use the MySQL client program 'mysql' like this:
OS_PROMPT> mysql yourDatabase <schema.txt

> 2) Is there a GUI front end available for database administration?

There are several. Look for them at:

Also there will soon be one from tcx.

> 3) Are there any database modeling and schema generation tools for
>    MySQL?

None specialized for MySQL, but you can use any which generates text files or has a ODBC
linking capability.

> 4) Has any one work with the jdbc drivers for MySQL and had any
>    success. I have and test java program using the twz1 driver
>    I can get the test program to compile but it wont run.

Yes I had and have (twz and mm driver).
Seem to me, you don't have the driver in your CLASSPATH?
You should spread your problem in the mailto:java@stripped mailinglist.
Especially give us the stacktrace it throws at you and a code snippet where it occures.
You should be on this list anyway. It is a low traffic list.

> I have some experience with databases (I work as an Oracle DBA)
> and am looking for database tools (like SQLPlus and the like) that
> may be equivalent for MySQL on Linux.

Look at the MySQL client program 'mysql'. It's like 'sqlplus'.

> Thanks in advance for the prompt response.
> Yours Truly,
> Rob Thompson


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