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From:Johan De Meersman Date:December 15 2009 4:00pm
Subject:Re: the mystery of the missing mysql.sock file
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Presumably someone deleted it :-) You can try an 'lsof -U |grep mysql' to
see if any processes still have it open. If the mysqld process still has it
open, it's probably not the server.

Why do you keep it in /tmp, btw ? My guess would be that someone (or some
process) decided it was time to clean /tmp out.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Keith Murphy <bmurphy@stripped>wrote:

> Take one perfectly functional production server running 5.0.77. It has been
> up and running under load for quite some time. I am using xtrabackup for
> backups and suddenly three or four days ago backup stop running.
> Investigation shows that the socket file '/tmp/mysql.sock' is no longer
> there. The mysql server itself is still functioning .. you can specify
> --host=localhost instead of --socket=/tmp/mysql.sock so the mysql client
> uses tcp/ip instead of the socket file to connect to the server.
>   - Permissions did not change on the /tmp directory..I checked.
>   - There are no errors in the .err log.
>   - No cron jobs clearing out /tmp.
>   - SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%sock%' displays the proper socket location
> Any thoughts? I have seen this type of thing occasionally before, but never
> taken the time to really investigate. I would just restart the server. I
> will end up having to do so in this case, but I would really like to find
> out WHY this happened. Is this is bug in the server code? I can't come up
> with any other explanation. I would love for this to be explainable!
> thanks,
> keith
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