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From:John Daisley  Date:December 15 2009 2:52pm
Subject:RE: sql file system + optimization
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Yes, you can symlink it. How much performance benefit you get will depend on hardware and


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From: Steven Staples <sstaples@stripped>
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Subject: sql file system + optimization

Ok... in the file system, my MySQL files are located in /var/lib/mysql/
 I have a database (lets say 'test') so it gets its own directory
 Now, all the tables go in this folder. (I know, we *should* all know

 if the database is on another disk, could it increase performance if this
 was a large database? If so, could I just
 symlink the test/ directory to another raid array to increase performance?
 Or would the increase be negligible?

 Steven Staples

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