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From:Gary Smith Date:December 10 2009 3:39pm
Subject:Re: Multiple joins from same table?
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Terry Van de Velde wrote:
> Good Day,
> I am attempting to do something new (to me) with MySQL. I am looking to have
> my query return with the value in the visitor and home columns replaced with
> the corresponding team name from the teams table.  schedule.visitor and
> schedule.home are essentially foreign keys to teams.team_no (though I have
> not defined them as such yet). What I have been trying is the select
> statement below which is fine when joining using one team (say the home
> team), but as soon as I attempt to add in the visitor team, things fall
> apart.
select * from table as t1,table as t2,table as t3 where 
t1.column1='blah' and t2.column2='blah' and t3.column3='blah'

does the same thing as

select * from table where column1='blah' and column2='blah' and 

Does that do what you're after?

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