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From:Terry Van de Velde Date:December 10 2009 3:31pm
Subject:Multiple joins from same table?
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Good Day,


I am attempting to do something new (to me) with MySQL. I am looking to have
my query return with the value in the visitor and home columns replaced with
the corresponding team name from the teams table.  schedule.visitor and
schedule.home are essentially foreign keys to teams.team_no (though I have
not defined them as such yet). What I have been trying is the select
statement below which is fine when joining using one team (say the home
team), but as soon as I attempt to add in the visitor team, things fall


I am basically looking to have the following outcome:


Oct. 30 - Titans vs. Hawks (7:30 PM)

Nov. 1 - Red Jackets vs. Boomerangs (8:30 PM)


I would like this handled by MySQL instead of PHP if possible.



Schedule table

  'id' int,

  'date_time' datetime,

  'visitor' tinyint

  'home' tinyint


teams table

  'id' int

  'team_no' smallint,

  'team_name' varchar (20)







FROM schedule, sojhlteams


  schedule.visitor = teams.team_no



Any help is appreciated.


Best Regards,



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