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From:John Daisley  Date:December 10 2009 9:57am
Subject:RE: Missing Entries
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 > I was checking my fresh install of MySQL and noticed I had empt spaces
 > or missing entries in some sections when I did a search for users on
 > the 'mysql' database.

 According to this page:
   If you want to prevent clients from connecting as anonymous users
   without a password, you should either assign a password to each
   anonymous account or else remove the accounts.

 We I do a MySQL install, I always go into the mysql client as root
 and issue these commands:
   use mysql;
   delete from user where Password='';
   flush privileges;
Be careful doing this on a fresh install, if you don't set passwords for root first you
will delete all the initial root accounts too! 

You really should read the installation section of the manual. Your issue is simple
because the installation has not been secured.
 It removes those accounts.



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