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From:Krishna Chandra Prajapati Date:November 28 2009 6:09am
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Hi Mos,

In the below two command does 1 is faster than 2.

1. LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/path/pet.txt' INTO TABLE pet;*

 2. *LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/path/pet.txt' INTO TABLE pet* *LINES
TERMINATED BY '\r\n' enclosed by '"';*

Krishna Ch. Prajapati

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 3:50 AM, mos <mos99@stripped> wrote:

> At 07:40 AM 11/27/2009, Krishna Chandra Prajapati wrote:
>> Hi Experts,
>> load data local infile and insert into <tablename> are the two methods of
>> inserting data into a mysql table.
>> Out of the above two method. Is there any faster method of inserting data
>> into mysql tables.
> No. Load Data is the fastest method, unless the data is already stored in
> another table.
> Tip: Remember when using Load Data, it will be faster if the table is empty
> and optimized (no holes) than with a table that has data in it. That's
> because the non-unique indexes are built after all of the data has been
> loaded. The alternative is to disable the non-unique indexes prior to using
> Load Data. Unfortunately there is no way to disable the building of unique
> indexes during this process unless you remove the unique index prior to
> loading the data and building it later.
> Tip: Using Insert will be much slower than Load Data but you can speed it
> up by loading dozens of rows using one Insert statement.
> Hope these tips help.
> Mike
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