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From:Robert H. Thompson Date:April 21 1999 1:00pm
Subject:mysql & jdbc questions
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Hello All, 

I am new to MySQL and have several questions. I have Red Hat Linux 5.2
kernel 2.0.36 running at home. My questions are as follows:

1) Is there a way to generate a database schema using text files?

2) Is there a GUI front end available for database administration?

3) Are there any database modeling and schema generation tools for 

4) Has any one work with the jdbc drivers for MySQL and had any
   success. I have and test java program using the twz1 driver
   I can get the test program to compile but it wont run. 

I have some experience with databases (I work as an Oracle DBA) 
and am looking for database tools (like SQLPlus and the like) that
may be equivalent for MySQL on Linux. 

Thanks in advance for the prompt response. 

Yours Truly, 

Rob Thompson 

work: rthomp41@stripped
home: rthom40065@stripped
mysql & jdbc questionsRobert H. Thompson21 Apr
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