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From:mos Date:November 22 2009 8:30pm
Subject:Re: Optimizing Project Requirements - question
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        The best way to approach this is to discover how it has been 
implemented by others. There is no point re-inventing the wheel. I'm sure 
you can get some ideas from this web site:  and the tutorial at

By examining a few of these models you can start to understand the 
relationship between tables. I'd recommend getting a case tool to design 
your own MySQL database like or XCase etc..


At 09:36 PM 11/21/2009, you wrote:
>Hello and Greetings,
>I have an idea for a project that I am putting together and was
>wondering about the best way to store the information. I am looking
>for suggestions concerning the formatting and storing of information.
>I have three different groups that I need to track and use
>information. The "Profile" information, i.e contact and personal info,
>is slightly different depending on which group is registering for
>I was thinking that I would have a two part registration form where I
>did and email verification before I collected the rest of their
>personal information. So, I am thinking that I need a USER table that
>just tracks a minimal amount of info and a USERGROUP or PROFILE table that 
>the Profile information and is related on the USERID.
>I was also thinking to just have three different registration tables
>and collect all the information, then send the email verification
>after all the data is collected and stored. I am thinking that idea
>isn't very efficient which got me to thinking about a single USER
>table as described above.
>I am using this practice project to try to get my head around PHP OOP
>so its a learning tool. I have been doing hierarchical PHP coding for a
>long time and have resisted learning and using OOP for years so I am
>still pretty much in the PHP Stone Age in terms of coding. This has
>become a real handicap now that all of the code bases for products that I
>support are now heavily OOP so writing hacks for them has become a bit
>of a hassle for me at this point without the ability to integrate OOP
>I am seeing that database configuration is an important consideration
>when building an PHP object oriented site so I am hoping to get some
>thoughts on the best approach I should use to set up the database.
>TIA for the favor of a reply.
>Best regards,
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