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From:Wang Zi Feng Date:November 20 2009 9:38am
Subject:Re: mysqldump vs phpmyadmin dump
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hi there, thanks for your reply.

the mysql server is running on windows xp sp3, every time I use root user to
log in.

the command line i use for mysqldump is

mysqldump --user=root --password=pass test>test.sql

phpmyadmin is with following checked




Enclose table and field names with backquotes

Complete inserts

Extended inserts

I read about the manual saying that mysqldump is default enabled with -opt,
which is --add-drop-table  --add-locks  --create-options  --disable-keys
--extended-insert  --lock-tables  --quick  --set-charset.

So I wonder what is the most secure way to backup mysql database to keep
data consistency?

Thanks and best regards


2009/11/20 Mark Goodge <mark@stripped>

> Wang Zi Feng wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Here is a rookie question.
>> The problem what I found is that mysqldump and phpmyadmin generate
>> different
>> size of backup file against same database.
>> I try to dump same database with the 2 different methods, the original
>> database is 2.8mb, phpmyadmin export 1.5mb file, and mysqldump export only
>> 941kb file.
> mysqldump has a number of different settings, and the file size will vary
> according to which you use. For example, using extended insert syntax will
> significantly increase the size of the output, and that could easily account
> for the difference between your two files.
> What's probably happening is that the settings you're using when running
> mysqldump from the command line are different to those used by phpMyAdmin,
> so you end up with differently formatted files.
>  I know there must be some difference between the two export method, but
>> after I import the 941kb file which mysqldump created into a new database,
>> it just works fine.
>> So I'm not sure if I can use mysqldump as the best option to do mysql
>> backup, can someone can help me to figure out why phpmyadmin would
>> generate
>> twice big file? And I see some post that address it is not recommend to
>> import mysqldump file by using phpmyadmin, because it will cause problem.
> Importing any large file via phpMyAdmin is likely to have problems, as
> you'll find yourself limited by the maximum upload file size of the web
> server where phpMyAdmin is running (that's typically 2Mb for PHP on Apache,
> although the administrators can change that). But the source of the file is
> irrelevant; so long as it's within the file upload limit then it doesn't
> matter whether it was exported by phpMyAdmin itself or created using
> mysqldump from the command line.
> Mark
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