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From:Mark Goodge Date:November 20 2009 8:28am
Subject:Re: mysqldump vs phpmyadmin dump
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Wang Zi Feng wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Here is a rookie question.
> The problem what I found is that mysqldump and phpmyadmin generate different
> size of backup file against same database.
> I try to dump same database with the 2 different methods, the original
> database is 2.8mb, phpmyadmin export 1.5mb file, and mysqldump export only
> 941kb file.

mysqldump has a number of different settings, and the file size will 
vary according to which you use. For example, using extended insert 
syntax will significantly increase the size of the output, and that 
could easily account for the difference between your two files.

What's probably happening is that the settings you're using when running 
mysqldump from the command line are different to those used by 
phpMyAdmin, so you end up with differently formatted files.

> I know there must be some difference between the two export method, but
> after I import the 941kb file which mysqldump created into a new database,
> it just works fine.
> So I'm not sure if I can use mysqldump as the best option to do mysql
> backup, can someone can help me to figure out why phpmyadmin would generate
> twice big file? And I see some post that address it is not recommend to
> import mysqldump file by using phpmyadmin, because it will cause problem.

Importing any large file via phpMyAdmin is likely to have problems, as 
you'll find yourself limited by the maximum upload file size of the web 
server where phpMyAdmin is running (that's typically 2Mb for PHP on 
Apache, although the administrators can change that). But the source of 
the file is irrelevant; so long as it's within the file upload limit 
then it doesn't matter whether it was exported by phpMyAdmin itself or 
created using mysqldump from the command line.

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