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From:Sydney Puente Date:November 13 2009 1:30pm
Subject:Re: cannot find my.cnf file
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Yes I enter the password manually into the remote mysql client (actually Oracle's SQL
developer) when I login.

I thought I would restart mysql with the /etc/init.d/mysql script and go back to the
original "default" settings without any my.cnf present. Just to check it was some setting
in my.cnf that caused the log in problem.

# ./mysql status
MySQL is running but PID file could not be found           [FAILED]
# ./mysql stop
MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found!       [FAILED]

In fact I cannot find a pid file anywhere on the box.
# ps -ef | grep mysql
root      6517     1  0 10:10 pts/0    00:00:00 /bin/sh /usr/bin/mysqld_safe
--datadir=/var/lib/mysql --pid-file=/var/lib/mysql/
mysql     6623  6517  0 10:10 pts/0    00:00:24 /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/
--datadir=/var/lib/mysql --user=mysql --log-error=/var/lib/mysql/object01.err
--pid-file=/var/lib/mysql/ --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock --port=3306
# locate pid | grep mysql

I have no idea why a pid file would be missing!

any ideas


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