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From:Aveek Misra Date:November 12 2009 9:00am
Subject:Innodb Buffer Pool vs Query Cache
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I am using the innodb storage engine for a table that is used for a lot 
of SELECT's on columns that are defined as indexes. I have not enabled 
the query cache as of now since the innodb buffer pool already caches 
data and index information for InnoDB  tables. So my question is - is 
the query cache used primarily for MyISAM tables or is it also useful 
for InnoDB tables (considering that the InnoDB has a buffer pool in 
place)? If I do enable the query cache, is there an additional overhead 
of maintaining two buffers that essentially contain the same data?
Innodb Buffer Pool vs Query CacheAveek Misra12 Nov
  • Re: Innodb Buffer Pool vs Query CacheJohan De Meersman12 Nov