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From:John Daisley Date:November 11 2009 12:48pm
Subject:Re: Oracle, Sun and MySQL
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> On Nov 11, 2009, at 9:34 AM, John Daisley wrote:
>> On Tue, 2009-11-10 at 23:50 -0600, Peter Brawley wrote:
>>> European regulators agree with Monty that the Oracle-Sun deal threatens
>>> database competition. Apparently Oracle means to play hardball.
>>> Meanwhile
>>> Sun revenue fell 25% in 3rd quarter 2009; who else but an
>>> anti-competitive
>>> giant would take a chance on buying Sun now? Story here:
>>> source=features_box1.
>> What I am more concerned about at the moment is how much the uncertainty
>> over the deal is hurting MySQL?
>> I was recently in a project planning meeting where MySQL was dismissed
>> completely because nobody could give guarantees about where MySQL was
>> going. There were a lot of concerns over where future development would
>> go and a fear that when the deal goes through Oracle may slowly raise
>> support and training costs to the sort of levels applicable to Oracle
>> database products. These kind of arguments seem impossible to counter
>> for as long as the uncertainty continues and I for one wish they would
>> just resolve the situation either way very quickly because its hurting
>> my business and open source software!
> Please remember that there are 3rd parties offering MySQL support already
> now, outside of MySQL AB.
> I'm pretty sure that should Oracle raise these prices, 3rd parties will
> take up that part of the market pretty quickly.
> Liz

I am aware of this Liz but corporate customers like to see support coming
from 'source'. There is also a bit of an unknown with 3rd party support
whereas MySQL's own support has a very good reputation and from personal
experience I know it to be second to none.

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