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From:Elizabeth Mattijsen Date:November 11 2009 9:44am
Subject:Re: Oracle, Sun and MySQL
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On Nov 11, 2009, at 9:34 AM, John Daisley wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-11-10 at 23:50 -0600, Peter Brawley wrote:
>> European regulators agree with Monty that the Oracle-Sun deal threatens
>> database competition. Apparently Oracle means to play hardball. Meanwhile
>> Sun revenue fell 25% in 3rd quarter 2009; who else but an anti-competitive
>> giant would take a chance on buying Sun now? Story here:
>> source=features_box1.
> What I am more concerned about at the moment is how much the uncertainty
> over the deal is hurting MySQL?
> I was recently in a project planning meeting where MySQL was dismissed
> completely because nobody could give guarantees about where MySQL was
> going. There were a lot of concerns over where future development would
> go and a fear that when the deal goes through Oracle may slowly raise
> support and training costs to the sort of levels applicable to Oracle
> database products. These kind of arguments seem impossible to counter
> for as long as the uncertainty continues and I for one wish they would
> just resolve the situation either way very quickly because its hurting
> my business and open source software!

Please remember that there are 3rd parties offering MySQL support already now, outside of

I'm pretty sure that should Oracle raise these prices, 3rd parties will take up that part
of the market pretty quickly.

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