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From:Robert L Ramsey Date:November 3 2009 7:33pm
Subject:getting repeating events between two dates
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I have a table of events like this:

Repeats enum('true', 'false')
Monday enum('true', 'false')
Tuesday enum('true', 'false')
Wednesday enum('true', 'false')
Thursday enum('true', 'false')
Friday enum('true', 'false')
Satday enum('true', 'false')
Sunday enum('true', 'false')

An event might start on Monday Nov. 2 and occur on every Monday and Thursday until
November 26th.  In which case startdate would equal 2009-11-02, stopdate would equal
2009-11-26, repeats = 'true', Monday='true', and Thursday='true'.  The other days are
false.  Assume that the Evtuid=1 and Evtname='Test Event'.

Is there a query I can run that will give me a listing of every date with an event like

2009-11-02  Test Event  1
2009-11-05  Test Event  1
2009-11-09  Test Event  1
2009-11-12  Test Event  1
2009-11-16  Test Event  1
2009-11-19  Test Event  1
2009-11-23  Test Event  1
2009-11-26  Test Event  1

And of course any other dates with other events that either repeat or not.

Is there a way to do that or am I better off just using php and looping through every day
in the range?



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