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From:Martin Gainty Date:November 3 2009 6:54pm
Subject:RE: SQL Question
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you'll need to write a recursive routine to call the same sql statement
and iterate from the largest value and attenuate that value by 1 each time
# file: been a few years but this should work
#initialize your variable that you will attenuate
my $global = "9876543210";
#number of rows actually returned
my $affectedrows=0;
#the offset for constructing the next global variable
my $offset=10;

#stay in this loop until we have successful result
#OR there are no rows found
if($affectedrows==99) print("no rows found");

sub do_it
$myquery = "SELECT * FROM $tablename where column1=$global";
$execute = $connect->query($myquery);
#attenuate 1 character off
  $offset = $offset -1;
  $global = substr($global, 0, $offset);
#test for global having no value
  if    ($offset==0) $affectedrows=99;
  else  $affectedrows = $execute->affectedrows($myquery);
(notice the site is written in PHP)
Martin Gainty 
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> Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 18:17:52 +0100
> From: noc@stripped
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: SQL Question
> Hi
> i request a small help for know if it's possible.
> Anyone know if they have a Sql request for
> search the best value at one information:
> Sample:
> i have a table with:
> ID   int 5
> Chaine   int 16
> and this entry:
> 1   12345
> 2   123
> 3   12
> i am search a request in "WHERE" :
> Chaine LIKE '123456789' and if he don't have into the database,
> he test Chaine LIKE '12345678'  etc ..
> and when he arrive at 12345, he sent the ID information
> thanks for your help
> (PS: i use Perl for extract data)
> Jerome
> Sorry for my english
> -- 
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