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From:Phibee Network Operation Center Date:November 3 2009 5:17pm
Subject:SQL Question
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i request a small help for know if it's possible.

Anyone know if they have a Sql request for
search the best value at one information:


i have a table with:

ID   int 5
Chaine   int 16

and this entry:

1   12345
2   123
3   12

i am search a request in "WHERE" :

Chaine LIKE '123456789' and if he don't have into the database,
he test Chaine LIKE '12345678'  etc ..
and when he arrive at 12345, he sent the ID information

thanks for your help

(PS: i use Perl for extract data)
Sorry for my english
SQL QuestionPhibee Network Operation Center3 Nov
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