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From:Michael Dykman Date:November 2 2009 8:53am
Subject:Re: Raid level suggestions for mysql-server
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In one of the more effective high-loads shops I have worked in, we
deployed RAID 1 for logs and RAID 10 for data.  The number of disks we
put into those RAID 10's depended on anticipated load of the specific
application.  We often found ourselves needing additional spindles to
meet high I/O needs, often leaving a lot of unused raw storage space.

The system was usually deployed on a single disk, being more-or-less
static and easily reproducible.. Once you are booted and primed, the
system disk barely gets touched.. all the important stuff is in RAM.

 - michael dykman

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 2:42 PM, Per Jessen <per@stripped> wrote:
> Gšötz Reinicke - IT Koordinator wrote:
>> Hi,
>> soon I'll get a SUN X4170 with 8*2,5" SAS 300 GB harddisks. (24 GB
>> RAM)
>> This system could be our new central mysql-server for some
>> LAMP-systems. (right now about 50 GB mysql data total, roughly 60-70%
>> reads.)
>> What would be a good raid-Layout for the server?
>> I was thinking of one large 1+0 or 0+1 as 1.2TB would be more than
>> enought.
>> Or may be I do split things up like this: one raid 1 for the system,
>> one raid 1 for logfiles, one raid 1+0/0+1 for the database.
>> Any suggestions?
> I have a very similar HP box with 8 drives too - I've got it running one
> RAID1 (2x72Gb) for system and one RAID6 (6x146Gb) for data.
> /Per Jessen, Zürich
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