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From:Gšötz Reinicke - IT Koordinator Date:November 1 2009 4:31pm
Subject:Raid level suggestions for mysql-server
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soon I'll get a SUN X4170 with 8*2,5" SAS 300 GB harddisks. (24 GB RAM)

This system could be our new central mysql-server for some LAMP-systems. 
(right now about 50 GB mysql data total, roughly 60-70% reads.)

What would be a good raid-Layout for the server?

I was thinking of one large 1+0 or 0+1 as 1.2TB would be more than enought.

Or may be I do split things up like this: one raid 1 for the system, one 
raid 1 for logfiles, one raid 1+0/0+1 for the database.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and best regards,

Götz Reinicke

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