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From:Sydney Puente Date:October 31 2009 11:29pm
Subject:insert .. values('OH'No')
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Thanks michael,

Good question/observation - I am using a main stream language - an almost-homemade
scripting language 
which does have a "replace" functionality which allows me to replave a ' with \' - on a 
per field basis - as i have which dozens of fields to attend to, and would have to code
this for each field.

Which is a bit clunky.
Anything I can do at the server end? Version 5.0.45.


>Yes, there are plenty of smart ways to deal with this.  Each of them
>is somewhat dependant on whatever general purpose programming language
>you are using and/or the environment you are working in.

>In PHP we have mysql_escape_string() or PDO, in perl and Java, among
>others, prepared statements are generally used.  python appears to use
>prepared statements under the covers.. it provides an similar
>facility, at any rate.

>What are you working in?

 >- michael dykman

>On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 12:06 PM, Sydney Puente <sydneypuente@stripped> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am populating mysql with data, from an external source, that now and again in
>> different fields has single quotes within the data intended to be inserted into
>> This causes a sql parse error.
>> Is there are smart way of dealing with this?
>> TIA
>> Syd

insert .. values('OH'No')Sydney Puente1 Nov
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