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From:walter harms Date:October 29 2009 5:39pm
Subject:Re: Choose certain columns in mysqldump?
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Jaime Crespo Rincón schrieb:
> 2009/10/29 Michael Dykman <mdykman@stripped>:
>> mysqldump is not really a data manipulation tool.. as the name
>> implies, it is a dumper.
>> What you are trying to accomlish can be done rather elegantly via the
>> and then loaded into your new structure via LOAD INFILE
> Yes, in fact, you can still do it from the command line with mysql
> command line client:
> mysql -urxxxt -pxxx db_name -e "SELECT [any, column, you, want] INTO
> OUTFILE '/var/www/folder/table_name.txt' FROM table_name WHERE [any,
> filter, you, want] ORDER BY [any, order, you, want]"
I prefer mysql -BAN ....
It has the advantage that you do not need to fiddle with headers etc.


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