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From:John Oliver Date:October 19 2009 11:30pm
Subject:Passwords not working
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I have a problem with MySQL passwords... I set them, write them down...
and they stop working.  I have to go in and manually reset them.

Right now, I have a database that, even after resetting the password, I
still cannot access it.

/var/log/mysql.log doesn't give me any useful information.  How can I
get MySQL to tell me what it's unhappy about, or get more information
from the client other than it just didn't work?

I also have problems with MySQL resolving names, or not resolving names,
or ???  I usually add 'user'@'ip.address' and 'user'@''  But,
more and more often, I've had to put skip-name-resolve in my.cnf, but
with my current problem, I'm still seeing that 'user'@'host-name' is
being rejected, even when I use -h ip.address on the command line

And when I add those two users, and go to reset passwords, it doesn't
want to let me specify 'user'@'ip.address' or 'user'@'' but
just 'user'  I *think* it's resetting the password for both... the
hashes are always the same.  But I just don't know.

What am I missing?

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