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From:Allen Fowler Date:October 18 2009 8:31pm
Subject:Move records to "archive server"?
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I have a Python application that is using MySQL to store records of transactions.... 
about 3 tables with ~1k records each.

How can I periodically copy the records off the production on to an "archive server"?  I
would like to this for two reasons:

1) To run data-mining queries on a copy of the live dataset without the risk of
overloading the production server.
2) To maintain an addional set of "historical tables" that contain all the records the
system has ever had, even after they are dropped from the "live" tables.

How should I go about doing this?

Thank you,

Move records to "archive server"?Allen Fowler18 Oct
  • Re: Move records to "archive server"?Johan De Meersman19 Oct