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From:Patrice Olivier-Wilson Date:October 15 2009 6:12pm
Subject:insertng csv - solved
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A HUGE thank you to Michael and John.

There were a couple of things going on.... but I do not know why things 
got the way they were.... can only assume the client files had some issue.

I pulled the file into text wrangler and removed

,  `20` ,  `21` ,  `22` ,  `23`  etc.

Then counted the number of extra commas for the lines, did a find 
replace and removed them. If there hadn't been so many, that trick would 
have been nearly impossible though.

Then, on a hunch, I removed clients column content for how they had 
entered dates: 1/11/09 type of entry. Just blanked it out.
Tried to import and it stopped at line 17 (again). BUT progress!

So, went back to the converter and entered into SQL on phpmyadmn 
interface... viola! success.

Thank you both so much for your help.

Patrice Olivier-Wilson

insertng csv - solvedPatrice Olivier-Wilson15 Oct