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From:Michael Dykman Date:October 14 2009 3:32pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Cluster / NDB & MyISAM mix
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I can think of no reason why this shouldn't work,  My administrator
colleagues would probably beat me with 2x4's for handing them such a
delicate construct to maintain in production but it seems perfectly
feasible to me :-)

 - michael dykman

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 11:03 AM, Christian Meisinger
<c.meisinger@stripped> wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Ok lets say i've 2 server running MySQL, NDB node and NDB manager on each.
> Now I don't want to convert all tables to NDB instead I leave a few as
> Is it officially supported if I setup a master-master replication between
> the two MySQL instances and add ignore entries for all NDB tables?
> So basically I would convert all important tables to NDB and leave other
> tables as MyISAM, but they would still be 'synced' via replication.
> I've tested it and it look like it works... but... does it work by
> coincidence? :)
> Thanks, chris
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 - michael dykman
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