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From:Kyong Kim Date:October 13 2009 12:37am
Subject:error code 139 innodb
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We have an InnoDB table on MySQL 5.0.
We recently encountered an this error during a multirow insert(200 rows).
We identified the data causing it and it's a a series of long strings
exceeding the VARCHAR(255) columns into which they're being inserted.
I've been looking at the InnoDB restriction page in the manual and
nothing seems to make sense.

For sure all of our columns combined do not exceed 64K. We're using
latin 1 character set.
I don't think we would be running into the 8K limit on row length
since the culprit seems to be data being inserted into VARCHAR(255)
I'm assuming MySQL is silently truncating the string as it's being
inserted into the VARCHAR column.
Our TEXT columns are empty.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing it?
error code 139 innodbKyong Kim13 Oct
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