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From:Stefan Hinz Date:October 12 2009 4:28pm
Subject:MySQL University session on October 15: The Spider Storage Engine
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The Spider Storage Engine

This Thursday (October 15th, 13:00 UTC), Giuseppe Maxia will present the
Spider Storage Engine. Here's from the abstract: Everybody needs
sharding. Which is not easy to maintain. Being tied to the application
layer, sharding is hard to export and to interact with. The Spider
storage engine, a plugin for MySQL 5.1 and later, solves the problem in
a transparent way. It is an extension of partitioning. Using this
engine, the user can deal transparently with multiple backends in the
server layer. This means that the data is accessible from any
application without code changes. This lecture will briefly introduce
MySQL partitioning, and then show how to create and use the Spider
engine, with some practical examples. The talk covers the latest version
of the Spider engine, which includes a condition pushdown feature that
increases performance significantly.

For MySQL University sessions, point your browser to this page:

You need a browser with a working Flash plugin. You may register for a
Dimdim account, but you don't have to. (Dimdim is the conferencing
system we're using for MySQL University sessions. It provides integrated
voice streaming, chat, whiteboard, session recording, and more.)

MySQL University is a free educational online program for
engineers/developers. MySQL University sessions are open to anyone, not
just Sun employees. Sessions are recorded (slides and audio), so if you
can't attend the live session you can look at the recording anytime
after the session.

Here's the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

* October 22: Dual Master Setups With MMM (Arjen Lentz)
* October 29: MySQL scalability on SPARC & INTEL X5500 (Nehalem) (Benoit
* November 12: Gearman for MySQL (Giuseppe Maxia)
* November 19: memcached Functions for MySQL (UDFs) (Patrick Galbraith)
* December 3: Practical Full-Text Search in MySQL (Bill Karwin)

The schedule is not engraved in stone at this point. Please visit for the
up-to-date list. On that page, you can also find the starting times for
many time zones.


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