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From:門田 祐輔 Date:October 9 2009 5:01am
Subject:About NoWait of MySql
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Hi, MySQL Developers

I'm a beginner of MySQL, and so I'm in a trobble. in MySQL 5.0.45
and acctually, I'm trying to migration my application 
from Oracle to MySQL
I'd like to use nowait option (of Oracle) in MySQL when locking one record.
but I could not find nowait oitpin in MySQL.

so I have some question to solve.

1. Does MySQL have lock option like Oracle's nowait or alternative way.
   acctually I'd not like to use innodb_lock_wait_timeout configuration.
   for some reasons...
2. Do you hava a plan to implement nowait option to the latest MySQL
  (and the what version of MySQL will you plan to implement)

I'm sorry for my poor English, and I'd appriciate if you would answer my 

thanks in advance, Yusuke.

About NoWait of MySql門田 祐輔9 Oct
  • Re: About NoWait of MySqlRaj Shekhar14 Oct