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From:Peng Yu Date:September 26 2009 11:13pm
Subject:Configure error of mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.5r1144 (missing sqlext.h)
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I try to configure mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.5r1144, But I got the
following error. Can somebody let me know where to download the
package which includes sqlext.h?


checking whether the f95 linker (/home/pengy/utility/linux/bin/ld -m
elf_x86_64) supports shared libraries... yes
checking dynamic linker characteristics... GNU/Linux
checking how to hardcode library paths into programs... immediate
checking for compress in -lz... yes
checking for localtime_r... yes
checking for mysql_real_query... yes
checking for iodbc-config... no
checking for SQL_ATTR_UNIXODBC_VERSION in sqlext.h... not found
configure: error: no suitable driver manager selected or found
Configure error of mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.5r1144 (missing sqlext.h)Peng Yu27 Sep