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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:September 25 2009 8:27pm
Subject:Stupid GROUP BY question
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It must be too late in the week…


Suppose table Cust has one field, CustID. Suppose table Notes has four fields: NoteID
(unique), CustID, NoteTime, and NoteText.


A customer can have zero or more notes. Now here’s the seemingly simple problem that
I’m trying to solve: I want to find the newest note (if any) for each customer.


If all I want is the date, then I can do


SELECT Cust.CustID, MAX(Notes.NoteTime) FROM Cust LEFT JOIN Notes ON Cust.CustID =
Notes.Cust_ID GROUP BY Cust.CustID;


That will work just fine, but now I also want the NoteText associated with the newest
note. Obviously I can’t use MAX(NoteText). I could do this using a temporary table,
but it seems like there should be another way.




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