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From:Willy Date:September 24 2009 8:37am
Subject:RE: REstricting MySQL access to port 3306
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Limit connection from trusted host will reduce it. And its better handled by firewall .

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From: John <john@stripped>
Sent: 24 September 2009 15:07
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Subject: RE: REstricting MySQL access to port 3306

I don't think there's anything specific to MySQL but for any system you
should ensure you have a good well configured firewall set up, make sure
antivirus software is installed and kept up to date, ensure programs only
run with essential permissions and keep your system up to date with all the
latest security patches. This applies to windows AND Linux systems.

You can reduce your exposure to SYN attacks by blocking all incoming packets
from bad external IP addresses to, to, to, and to as well as all internal addresses.

Brute force attack exposure can be reduced by setting your router to ignore
broadcast addressing and setting your firewall to ignore ICMP requests, how
you do this will depend on your router/firewall. You should also block all
non-service UDP service requests for your network. Programs that need UDP
will still work. 

It's also worth making regular visits to a site such as to find out what's new in
DDOS. Being well informed is half the battle!


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From: The Doctor [mailto:doctor@stripped] 
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Subject: REstricting MySQL access to port 3306

Some months a back I had to firewall port 3306 due to DDoS.

I cannot do this now as a client needs 3306 outside the LAN.

What can I do to prevent DDoS on my MySQL server?

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