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From:Mike Spreitzer Date:September 21 2009 8:10pm
Subject:RE: incremental name search?
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Ah, yes, I forgot to describe the server and the load.  Suppose my web app 
and MySQL are done via shared hosting by some common hosting business.  I 
do expect multiple people to be using my web app, but generally only one 
(usually zero, sometimes one, maybe occasionally a few) at a time.  Is 
this going to fly, in terms of latency for the incremental lookups and 
overall load at the hosting site?


"Jerry Schwartz" <jschwartz@stripped> 
09/21/09 03:47 PM

"'Michael Dykman'" <mdykman@stripped>, Mike Spreitzer/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
RE: incremental name search?

SoundEx doesn't do much for names, or non-English words for that matter.

Although you could use AJAX to handle the web part of this, I can't 
imagine it 
being able to handle much of a load. I think you'll beat the system to 
to little avail.


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>On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Mike Spreitzer <mspreitz@stripped> 
>> Suppose I have a table of a few thousand people, with a FirstName field
>> and a LastName field.  Sadly, my people are not so regular.  Some names
>> have three parts (e.g., due to marriage) crammed into the two fields
>> ("Hillary Rodham Clinton").  Some even have titles ("Dir, gastroent.
>> dept., Fubar hosp. OurTown") wedged in there.  I want to make a web app
>> that searches this table incrementally as I type into a web page in my
>> browser.  I am thinking I will have to do something like continuously
>> display the top 10 matches to what I have typed so far.  Of course, 
when I
>> am typing I do not know exactly what is in the database.  I generally 
>> only some of the parts of the name when I am typing (e.g., I am looking 
>> "Mary Jones" without knowing whether Jones is her maiden name). 
>> I am even typing something that is a spelled a bit wrong ("Schiller" 
>> "Shiller") or variantly ("Lizzie" vs. "Elizabeth").  This seems pretty 
>> from what MySQL can do directly.  I know about "LIKE" matching.  I know
>> the wider SQL community has something called "soundex", but I have not 
>> found it in MySQL.  I have a hard time imagining what will help me with
>> variants on a name.  I do not see any easy way to find the "top 10"
>> matches.  Am I missing anything that can help me here?
>> Thanks in advance!
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