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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:September 17 2009 9:34am
Subject:MySQL Server 5.4.2-beta has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Server 5.4.2-beta, a new version of the popular Open
Source Database Management System, has been released.

Bear in mind that this is a beta release, and as with any
other pre-production release, caution should be taken when
installing on production level systems or systems with
critical data. For production level systems using 5.1, we
would like to direct your attention to the product
description of MySQL Enterprise at:

MySQL 5.4 is based on MySQL 5.1 but includes several
high-impact changes to address scalability and performance
issues in MySQL Server. These changes exploit advances in
hardware and CPU design and enable better utilization of
existing hardware. MySQL 5.4 currently has Beta status.

For an overview of what's new in MySQL 5.4, please see

For information on installing MySQL 5.4.2 on new servers,
please see the MySQL 5.1 installation documentation

For upgrading from previous MySQL releases, please see the
important upgrade considerations at

Some other pointers you might like to follow are

MySQL Server is available in source and binary form for a
number of platforms from our download pages at

Not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in
time, so if you can't find this version on some mirror,
please try again later or choose another download site.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback, bug reports, bug
fixes, patches, etc.:

The following section lists the changes in the MySQL source code since
the previous released version of MySQL 5.4.  It may also be viewed
online at


Jörg Brühe
The MySQL build team at Sun Microsystems


Functionality added or changed:

  * As of MySQL 5.4.2, the InnoDB Plugin is included in MySQL 5.4
    releases.  This version of InnoDB Plugin is 1.0.4 and is considered
    of Beta quality.  It becomes the built-in version of InnoDB,
    replacing the version previously included as the built-in version.

    A number of performance and scalability enhancements were made to
    the previous built-in version of InnoDB in MySQL 5.4.0 and 5.4.1.
    InnoDB Plugin also provides improvements in these areas, and in
    addition offers new features and capabilities for flexibility and
    ease of use.  Among these features are enhanced reliability, "Fast
    index creation," table and index compression, file format
    management, new INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, capacity tuning, multiple
    background I/O threads, and group commit.

    For information about these features, see the InnoDB Plugin Manual
    For general information about using InnoDB in MySQL, see Section
    13.6, "The InnoDB Storage Engine".

    These system variables were added with InnoDB 1.0.4:
            Controls adaptive flushing of dirty pages
            Controls insert buffering
            The format for new InnoDB tables
            Whether to perform file format compatibility checking
            Controls sensitivity of linear readahead
            Maximum delay between polls for a spin lock
            How many index pages to sample for statistics calculations
            Whether InnoDB returns errors rather than warnings for
            certain exceptional conditions (analogous to strict SQL
            Whether InnoDB uses its own or the OS memory allocator
            The current version of InnoDB
    More information about these new system variables can be found in
    the InnoDB Plugin manual referenced earlier.

    These system variables have been made dynamic and can be modified
    at runtime:
        innodb_adaptive_hash_index (global)
        innodb_file_per_table (global)
        innodb_io_capacity (global)
        innodb_lock_wait_timeout (global, session)

    These system variables were removed, along with the functionality
    that they represented, such as the lock-free method for handing
    InnoDB thread concurrency:

    The minimum value of these system variables was changed:
        innodb_additional_mem_pool_size  minimum 2MB -> 512KB
        innodb_buffer_pool_size          minimum 64MB -> 5MB
        innodb_log_buffer_size           minimum 2MB -> 256KB
        innodb_log_file_size             minimum 32MB -> 1MB
    These changes in minimum values tend to undo changes made in MySQL

    The default value of this system variable was changed:
        innodb_sync_spin_loops           default 20 -> 30

    These status variables were removed:

    This status variable was renamed:
        Innodb_have_sync_atomic -> Innodb_have_atomic_builtins

  * The minimum value for table_open_cache was increased from 64
    to 400. (Bug#45475:

  * On Linux, the performance of MySQL Server can be improved by
    using a different malloc() implementation, developed by Google
    and called tcmalloc. The gain is noticeable with a higher
    number of simultaneous users. MySQL 5.4.1 was linked against
    this library, which improved performance but imposed some
    restrictions. As a result of these restrictions, MySQL 5.4.2
    uses a different approach:

      + The server is linked against the default malloc()
        provided by the respective platform.

      + The user or administrator can install Google's
        tcmalloc_minimal if desired. Some distributions provide
        it in a google-perftools package or with a similar name,
        or you can download it from Google at

      + If the MySQL server is then started with an environment
        variable like this (with the correct path name) the
        server will use tcmalloc with no other change needed:

        The MySQL team is considering whether to modify the start
        script mysqld_safe so that it will check whether tcmalloc
        is installed and set the variable if that shared library
        is found.

        Feedback about this possible change is welcome!

Bugs fixed:

  * open_binary_frm() performed a version test incorrectly,
    resulting in Valgrind errors.

  * A problem of compiler register misallocation on 32-bit Linux
    was corrected. (Bug#45131:

  * Some deprecation warning messages indicated feature removal in
    MySQL 5.2 rather than MySQL 6.0.

  * During incorporation of a Google patch to SHOW ENGINE INNODB
    STATUS in MySQL 5.4.0, the TRANSACTIONS section of the output
    was inadvertently omitted. This section has been restored.

  * The my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf sample option file contained a
    setting for the no longer existing innodb_file_io_threads
    system variable. This has been replaced with settings for the
    innodb_write_io_threads and innodb_read_io_threads system
    variables with which innodb_file_io_threads has been replaced.

  * Creating a new instance after previously removing an instance
    would fail to complete the installation properly because the
    security settings could not be applied correctly.

  * A deprecation warning message tested for an incorrect version
    number and caused an assertion failure.

  * During installation on Windows, the MySQL Instance
    Configuration Wizard window could be opened at a size too
    small to be usable. (Bug#38723:

  * When performing an installation on Windows using the GUI
    installer, the installer would fail to wait long enough during
    installation for the MySQL service to be installed, which
    would cause the installation to fail and may cause security
    settings, such as the root password to not be applied
    correctly. (Bug#30525:

Joerg Bruehe,  MySQL Build Team,  Joerg.Bruehe@stripped
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MySQL Server 5.4.2-beta has been releasedJoerg Bruehe17 Sep