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From:Tim Thorburn Date:September 16 2009 2:14pm
Subject:Importing CSV into MySQL
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I'm sure I'm missing something quite obvious here, but the caffeine 
hasn't quite kicked in yet.  As the subject says, I'm importing a csv 
file into MySQL 5.1.36 on WinXP using phpMyAdmin 3.3.2 (Apache 2.2.11 
and PHP 5.3.0 should it matter).  I've done this many times, however I'm 
now getting a strange error regarding a character in my csv file.  I've 
tried both MyISAM and InnoDB tables (I don't think that would make any 
difference) and switching between utf8_general_ci and utf8_unicode_ci 
(thought this might make a difference, but sadly no).

The error message I get is |#1366 - Incorrect string value: '\xE8s' when 
it attempts to insert the word Radès.  I'm using a simple varchar, 
nothing really special there.  After googling for awhile it seems the 
most common option is to use PHP to convert the character into UTF8 
format before putting it into MySQL - the problem is some of these csv's 
are several hundred mb a piece so I'd much rather simply import than go 
this route.

Any thoughts?


Importing CSV into MySQLTim Thorburn16 Sep
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