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From:Claudio Nanni Date:September 11 2009 12:22pm
Subject:Re: database design
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A.J., It sounds good to me!
You can be a little confused but you did it well,
It seems you have all you need there.

A) Yes
B)  select * from articles A left join article_types AT on A.article_type =


2009/9/11 AndrewJames <andrewhudds@stripped>

> This is a bit of a long shot, but i really need some help and or directed
> to the best reading resources.
> as i begun building my database (as i went along), i now realise i have to
> stop coding and sit back and design the database properly before i can go
> on.
> However i am still unable to wrap my head around what data to put into what
> tables, and which columns i need to link to make the relationships.  so far,
> here is what i have.
> users
> -uid(pk)
> -username
> -password
> articles
> -article_id(pk)
> -uid(fk)
> -article_type(fk)
> -article_subject
> -article_body
> article_types
> -article_types_id(pk)
> -article_type
> So i want the user to be able to login and add articles.
> I then want to be able to view all the articles the user has submitted.
> So in my understanding i need to link the users.uid(pk) to the
> articles.uid(fk) (so i know which user the article belongs to, please
> correct and update me if i am wrong)
> I am stuck at this point.
> A) Have i created the right tables and columns for each table, AND
> B) How do i link the articles.article_type to articles_type.type? (IF in
> fact that is even the correct linkage)??
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