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From:Davor Cengija Date:April 21 1999 3:33pm
Subject:Re: [newbie] how to 'embed' SELECT into INSERT
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On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Paul DuBois wrote:

>>       how can i do something like this:
>>	("A", 1, (SELECT column FROM table2 WHERE something =
>>       "something"));
>>       maybe i first need to create some temp. table, INSERT INTO
>>       temp_table SELECT column FROM table2 WHERE etc... and then put
>>       those data into table1 like
>>INSERT INTO table1(third_column) SELECT * FROM temp_table;

>Couldn't you just use INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... with your original
>INSERT INTO table1 (col1, col2, col3)
>SELECT "A", 1, column
>FROM table2
>WHERE etc.


       what i need is - insert a new row into table_1 and that new
       row contains a few completelly new values (couldnt be found
       anywhere in the DB) and a few values already found in some other
       tables. i'm trying to do it with as little commands as possible. 

       1. insert into table_1 (col1, col2) values("new1", "new2");
       2. create temp_table etc 	       
       3. insert into temp_table select from table_2 etc
       4. now what? generally speaking, i need this:

UPDATE table_1 SET col3=(somehow use value from temp_table) where col1=new1;

       after thinking a little, i dont need steps 2 and 3 cos i could
       use UPDATE table_1 SET col3=(somehow use from table_2) where..

       hm... it looks like i'm missing something very basic.

Davor Cengija
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