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From:Todd Lyons Date:September 10 2009 10:43pm
Subject:Re: DB/table problem
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On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 2:49 PM, Gavin Towey <gtowey@stripped> wrote:
> When using innodb, your data is stored in the data/ibdata* files.  Copying the
> database directory is not a valid backup.
> In the future, I would suggest using mysqldump.  However if you want to make a
> file-system copy backup with innodb you need to 1. Shutdown the server 2. Copy
> *everything* in the data directory 3. Store a copy of your my.ini with the backup as well.
> 4. Restart mysql

Do you exclude xtrabackup as a potential solution because he's using
Windows (it doesn't build on Windows) or because you have some issue
or problem with xtrabackup?  I'm not aware of any show-stopper bugs.
I'm just curious, because it works well for us.  The backup is online
with the only lock held occuring while it's copying over the *.frm and
*.MY* files, which is not very much for us.
Regards...      Todd
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