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From:BobSharp Date:September 5 2009 1:53pm
Subject:Re: Database design - help
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Please forgive my total ignorance.  

URL-Category  linking   ...   with  Foriegn Keys  or  Primary Keys ? 

Have been trying to create the ER Diagram with  "MySQL Workbench",  
and getting very frustrated. 


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  > given the following table layouts

> URLs:> URL_ID (primary key for URL)> URL_TEXT>> URL_CATEGORY> URL_ID  
>     (key which points to URL.URL_ID)> CATEGORY_ID  (key which points to
> CATEGORY_ID (primary Key for Category)> CATEGORY_TEXT>> SUBCAT> SUBCAT_ID   
> (concatenated key for SubCat)> CATEGORY_ID  (concatenated key for Subcat)>
> SUBCAT_TEXT>so the diagram would look something like like                           
> URL_CATEGORY Table             (URL Table)   (CATEGORY TABLE)        URL_ID           
> 1--------->1 URL.URL_ID CATEGORY.CATEGORY_ID1<---1CATEGORY_ID                   
> URL_TEXT          1                             ↓

  this is labour-intensive work that every DBA must perform to create a Database
  Martin Gainty 

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  > Subject: Re: Database design - help
  > Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 16:24:22 +0100
  > Hi
  > Thanks for all the responses. However I am still stuck for a MySQL db I 
  > can create
  > and code in PHP. Attached is a brief example of data to be used.
  > One problem I have is with providing a listing that includes ...
  > WTBC (Category without SubCats) and the 3 Zones (also, Cats without 
  > SubCats ??? )
  > (This is for a complete WTBC listing, in practice it may list depending on 
  > selected Zone)
  > The example Schema is interesting, but is there another way of storing all 
  > links
  > in one table and join them to Category and SubCat tables ?
  > An example of the ER Diagram would also be helpful to me.
  > cheers

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