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From:Mikhail Berman Date:September 2 2009 6:06pm
Subject:Re: mysqldump warning or actual error?
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Hi Matt,

The error you are getting is very particular to "information_schema" 

Information_schema does NOT actually have tables, they are views:

"|INFORMATION_SCHEMA| is the information database, the place that stores 
information about all the other databases that the MySQL server 
maintains. Inside |INFORMATION_SCHEMA| there are several read-only 
tables. They are actually views, not base tables, so there are no files 
associated with them. "

Therefore mysqldump generates error trying to dump tables that does not 


Mikhail Berman

Matt Neimeyer wrote:
> My local windows machine has mysql 5.1.33 installed on it. One of my
> Mac OSX dev servers has some 4.1 flavor of MySQL on it.
> When I try to do something like the following: mysqldump -h devserver
> -u me -p somedb > dump.sql
> I get the following:
> mysqldump: Error: 'Table 'information_schema.files' doesn't exist'
> when trying to dump tablespaces
> It looks like it creates the export fine but I've been ssh-ing into
> the dev box and doing it locally there "just in case"
> Should I be worried? Is there some option that would supress that
> (that i didn't see in mysqldump --help)? Is it truely harmless?
> Thanks
> Matt

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