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From:Matt Neimeyer Date:September 2 2009 3:03pm
Subject:mysqldump warning or actual error?
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My local windows machine has mysql 5.1.33 installed on it. One of my
Mac OSX dev servers has some 4.1 flavor of MySQL on it.

When I try to do something like the following: mysqldump -h devserver
-u me -p somedb > dump.sql

I get the following:

mysqldump: Error: 'Table 'information_schema.files' doesn't exist'
when trying to dump tablespaces

It looks like it creates the export fine but I've been ssh-ing into
the dev box and doing it locally there "just in case"

Should I be worried? Is there some option that would supress that
(that i didn't see in mysqldump --help)? Is it truely harmless?


mysqldump warning or actual error?Matt Neimeyer2 Sep
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