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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:August 31 2009 11:36am
Subject:Re: Downloading old version of MySQL ?
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Hi David, all,

David Harrison wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to drag a database through the upgrade process from 5.0.32
> but I keep running into small cross-version compatibility issues.
> [[...]]
> So it looks like I now need a 5.0.34 install to transition through,
> but I can't find anywhere on the MySQL site that offers access to
> previous releases like that, does anyone know where I can find them ?
> I'm equally open to better solutions to my upgrade approach if anyone
> has any :-)
> Cheers
> Dave

I'm not sure you really need all these intermediate steps (leave it to
others to comment on that), but access to old community packages is here:

click "Archives" (top-left dark blue box, close to the end of the list)

click "MySQL Database Server 5.0" and find your way further.

Note that these are the Community packages only.

If you use the (paid-for) Enterprise packages, you should know your
access path.


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